Automotive solution for vehicle manufacturers

REMME and Infopulse joined forces to create innovative solutions for the automotive industry with Blockchain technology.

REMME allows us to build sophisticated systems for car-to-car mesh networks, owner identification, rights management while providing outstanding security against the remote control of the vehicle.
Jan Keil, Infopulse VP of Marketing

The problem

Modern cars with internet connection easy target for cyberattacks. Zero-day exploits can target vehicles and give the attacker wireless control, via the Internet, to any of thousands of vehicles. Their code is an automaker’s nightmare: software that lets hackers send commands through the car’s entertainment system to its dashboard functions, steering, brakes, and transmission, all from a laptop that may be across the country.

Example of usage

An owner of a car wants to give rights to somebody (e.g., family member, driver, technician, etc.) only for a certain set of time, area, duration or distance.

The car owner has a Certificate in a hardware key. This hardware key can create mesh connection to a car to control it remotely with the help of SSL/TLS connection. 
While creating this connection, the car can check the revoked state of the certificate key with the Blockchain internal light node.

Challenges solved

Payment-safe system for typical everyday scenarios: gas/electric station, service center, toll roads, fast food drive-in, etc.

Management of different 
access-zones of a car.

Trustworthy feedbacks about POIs from clients (feedback is anonymous but checked by automotive Blockchain technology).

Safe and encrypted usage of other cars sensors information.

System architecture

Base technology

REMME core uses well implemented X.509 certificates for standardized communication and interaction within the ecosystem.

Separate hardware crypto-module for encryption and key storage should be added to the car system, e.g. this module can be installed on a CAN bus.

The system cannot be hacked or broken from outside: without the master key, rights cannot be obtained.

The System does not overuse the Private Key to lower the risks.The Private Key is used only once, while signing the certificate, and is not transferred through the internet.

The System is autonomous. No need for constant access to a server to check if a key has rights – all required information is stored encrypted in the car module.

Management of certificates is possible from any point of the mesh network. This allows the car owner to securely control the car from any place.

Solution details

We propose to use Rootstock* system (open-source) as a basis for the Client's Blockchain system.

Naturally, it should be modified to suit the needs of automotive project:

Relying on federative nodes (those under control of Company).

Federative nodes should have master power in the system.

No need for mining processes – trust and protection of the system is given through the reliability of Company and its Blockchain solution itself.

Using multi signature of >75% federative nodes to create a checkpoint – the system is truly distributed.

Every block is signed by a pre-defined minimal number of federative nodes; Company controls the system and shows transparency of transactions

Number of side chains can be used to distribute different types of information in the system with its counterparts

* Solution can be also implemented with Hyperledger (Linux Foundation) and any cloud provider can be used to set up and run the nodes.

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